Friday, October 06, 2006

A Mole

Our favorite pet cat Midnight thinks she is a mighty hunter (a tiger?) and she always tries to impress us by hunting small mammals such as this vole (see its size relative to my pinkie). Mice, birds, and even butterflies are among the victims. We try to scold her every time, and if the poor victim is still alive by the time we see it, we set it free. Posted by Picasa


ituloy angsulong said...

offtopic: just blog hopping! care to exchange links?

Anonymous said...

Hello Manang,

What a coincidence, I'm a Filipina and I have a cat named midnight.

ch3rri said...

That's an interesting little thing. Manang, you have so many blogs. lol. It'll take me a while to visit all. :)

gotit2011 said...

I am a Filipina living on the opposite side to where you Washington state.

I've been to your site years ago and lately from out of the blue I thought of looking you up. Sure enough I found your kusina blogspot and more. I'm really amazed by you and now declares myself a fan.

We share the same interests namely cooking, baking and gardening. My favorite among the flowers I cultivate is fuchsia too. In fact I have 20 hanging pots of them. I also have a lone clematis in a metal arbor which is also very prolific.

Your husband is very lucky to have someone like you for a wife and am sure he is very proud of you too.