Saturday, October 23, 2004

I got a cutting of this purple passion from my bilas, putting it in a glass of water when I got home. It started to sprout roots after about 1 week, then I planted in in a small pot with soil. When I noticed that the roots had grown extensively as to show under the pot, I trnasplanted it in a bigger pot. It is very much an indoor plant. At first I thought the white thing was the flower, then after several days, the yellow one appeared! Probably the white pom-pom like thing there is already at the seeding stage. Posted by Hello
We stopped on top of a hill, though quite out of the way, to get a glimpse of the big Moosehead Lake, the same lake showcased in Greenville (in previous post). The mountains show a spectacular display of colors, making it appear golden from afar, despite the fogginess of the day. Posted by Hello
This was taken in Greenville. I love the contrasting colors of the trees' foliage ranging from yellow to red to maroon against the green... And in this area, the water is so serene. The view was breathtaking despite the gloomy grey skies. Posted by Hello
This tiny adult frog was stiking on our French doors at the master's bedroom one rainy night during fall. I took a photo along with my thumb for size comparison. It was the littlest frog I have ever seen. Posted by Hello
This is how the trees look like at the first few weeks of fall. We are lucky to have had an Indian summer in that after the hard frost, we had very nice days that followed, almost as if summer has not yet ended. Posted by Hello
This is now my vegetable garden, the morning just after the first (and hard) frost hit us. The field is still covered with a sheet of ice crystals. Temperature went down to 20 deg F that night. Posted by Hello