Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hard Red Wheat

They are sprouting now. Gary sowed the seeds about 5 days ago.


The ones i planted indoors then transplanted last week died...So I sowed directly some seeds today and hope they will grow.

Saturday, June 16, 2012


Planted Garden beans today, two rows of them.


Planted two rows of them today (earlier to mature at 167 days). 

Will plant two more rows of the other variety which matures in 174 days.


I push the dirt over the potato seeds as I walk

On the opposite end is my son doing the same thing
Much of the potatoes we planted 5/28 rotted after being drowned in rainwater.  We had to replant. It's a good thing we still had a bag of potatoes from last year that we were able to use as seeds. We ended up with total of 4 and 2/3 rows.

Japanese Eggplants

I transplanted my miniature seedlings out about last week. I keep checking out Walmart if they are selling the seedlings, just like last year, and that was where I got mine. No luck.

Then yesterday we went to Home Depot and I found big seedlings of the same, as in BIG with some flowers already. $5.99 each. I got 5 plants. Hopefully will have the first fruits by July. They freeze well after blanching.

I transplanted them today, 6/16/2012.
Place the biodegradable pot in a hole

Pack the dirt around

Done transplanting 5 eggplant seedlings.
Don't forget to water to eliminate air pockets around the roots.

Cucumbers - Spacemaster

Planted them today, 6/16/2012.

We will plant the other variety two weeks after.

Sitaw, ampalaya

Yesterday I planted the ampalaya seedlings and sitaw seeds along the side of the pool. 

Today I will plant another packet of the sitaw the rest of the pool side.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sugar Snap Peas

I planted the today in the big veggie garden. Hopefully, I will be able to plant the sitaw seeds sometime this week.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Second week of June

I planted the sayote directly to the soil. Then the ubi. I also transplanted seedlings started indoors a week ago that consisted of upo (burpee and Thailand from ebay) and eggplants (Japan ichiban purple and thai long purple). 

I also planted indoors seeds of malunggay and upo (thai).

First week of June

We planted potatoes and onions, then transplanted cabbage, broccoli, peppers, tomatoes.

Malunggay and upo

planted seeds indoors. Hopefully will germinate. It is still cold outside and it keeps raining.

Update 6/16/2012
Transplanted malunggay and upo out in the veggie garden.

Update  6/18 - Upo shoots are dying, maybe due to cold nights. Sigh!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Kalamansi Seedling from Ella

Through my Kusina website, I have met, and continue to meet, people from everywhere in the world. One friend has been so fond of me, I guess, (LOL!) so she has been sending me gifts...first was a box of ripe Champagne mangoes, and now, this kalamansi seedling.
Ella, an fb friend, sent me this kalamansi seedling.
After arrival, I immediately took it out of the tall dark box (it was so well-packaged! Almost professionally done!) and transplanted it in a medium pot.

I am sure that by the end of the this summer, I will have to transfer it to a bigger pot.

Thanks, Ella!

Monday, July 13, 2009

A Mole

We had an encounter with a bigger mole this year (I had a post about a smaller one that looked like a tiny mouse, no bigger than my pinkie.) It seemed like it was caught by Lucky, one of our 5 cats, and brought into the house. Good thing that it was still very much alive with no wounds that I could see.

I had to take photos and videos first then I released it back outdoors.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I planted Camote....but...what are these????

I planted camote tubers (cut in half) in black plastic pots indoors during late spring, when nights were still too cold.

One day when it was like summer hot, (though still cold at night) I let them out on the porch to "harden" them prior to transplanting to my veggie garden.

That afternoon, when I was about to bring them back inside the house, I noted holes on the leaves...what the????

Found these golden specks on the underside of the beautiful...wish I could use them for jewelries...

A closer look...

I googled and found out they are tortoise beetles...specifically infesting the family of sweet potatoes...(Ipomea? if I remember it right)...apparently they do not last all summer...

Darn...I planted sweet potatoes mainly for the leaves...I miss blanched sweet potato leaves eaten with bagoong isda with some kalamansi juice (I have to sub with lemon), some ginger and onions, tomatoes, plus fried or grilled tilapia or bangus....

oh well.... :(


It looks so artificial with all the big blooms it has...but this is real...growing under the shade of an arbor...very eye-catching! It motivated me to buy two clematis plants...I hope they, too, will have blooms as prolific as these!