Friday, July 16, 2004


This is another unidentified new bloom in my flower garden...Each flower is big, yet the stem is so short (if I cut a part of the stem with the leaves to make it longer, I cut a whole bunch of them!)...

So I cut them short, 5 of them, arranged them in a dome-like appearance, using a short vase which was a scented candle jar...(I did the same with the other still-unidentified flower on the left, which I surmise to be a California bluebell.)

Wednesday, July 14, 2004


These are daylilies (thanks for identifying, bingbing!)I picked from the roadside...

They close during nighttime.

So this morning I got out very early to go to the site (about 2 houses away from ours) and dig out some of them and transplant them into my flower garden. Taraaaa! Posted by Hello

UPDATE as of Jul 16: I noticed that the flowers did not open the next day; instead, it continued to wilt, while the other flowers in the bunch slowly opened and bloomed on the 2nd day after the first set. Maybe that was the reason for its name.

Monday, July 12, 2004

Can't wait for these tomatoes to be ready for eating... Posted by Hello

The veggies in my garden now are getting big...These are 3 rows of potatoes...

A row of tomatoes (see some green fruits?)

10 plants of brocolli (I already harvested the heads and some lateral florets. Patrick likes them very much.)

A short row of cucumbers (on the right) and 3 rows of sweet corn...The kids helped me weed the garden this morning!

These are 4 tomatillo plants with lots of flowers already (tomatillos are a variety of tomatoes used in making salsa).

2 rows of onions. (I use some leaves for flavoring dips and dressings, esp. patis and vinegar, also in soups and arroz caldo.)

Andy peppers (already with BIG fruits -- good for pickling). I also have some jalapeƱo ones.

Beets (green leaves will be ready for harvesting probably by next week). I will have to leave some widely spaced apart for the tuber to grow some more.

I have two half-rows of carrots. I just thinned them hence you ca see the excess plants lying around (kakahinayang! but I had to do that to help the carrots have enough space for growth.

And this is a bunch of wild grapes at a corner of the vegetable garden. Dad said these grapes are not good for eating, but very very good for jams. Posted by Hello

Just recently Gary dug a trench to place the powerline (the old line was so far from the house now that he suspected it was consuming more energy just because of additional length; this new one is a shorter course). The trench now covered with dirt, he planned to sow grass seeds because it just looked -- well, plain. I had a different idea. I turned the path into a walkway. I placed slates which I dug up from under the gravel near the house (the previous garden reached the house; got burned during the fire). Still halfway through the project...

So this pathway leads to the vegetable garden (where currently we have our cheap pool). Posted by Hello


My friend bingbing helped me identify this. Thanks, bingbing!Posted by Hello

Transplanted Flower Plants

These are 3 plants that were growing outside of my flower garden (i.e., with the other wild plants around). Gary said they might have been sowed from last year's flowerplants (which were destroyed by the fire). The left most smaller plants had striking fuschia-colored flowers. The tall rightmost plant according to my friend Bingbing said it is a tobacco kind of plant. She gave this tip: transplant flower plants AFTER they are done blooming. (Actually that is what my husband and in-laws say too, but I am quite impatient I just wanted to try to transplant them now. If they die, then I will try to watch out for the young shoots in next year's spring. If they live, well and good. AT least I tried...hehehe...) Posted by Hello

Sunday, July 11, 2004

These are some flowers growing wildly in the field. Posted by Hello