Friday, May 21, 2004

Ferns are quite common...we have a lot of them on our field...Here they are shown together with clusters of these small plants with a very light scent coming for its small flowers..these nice-smelling plants are concentrated at this area only, under one of the tree "guards" of our driveway...(I wonder if the shade or the pH of the soil had something to do with it, or would it spread later?...)
Kingsbury pond, with snow melted already...houses on the far side are for rent or serve as resthouse, most of the time unoccupied
Probably the oldest tombs in that cemetery, this peak of the hill had big stones as markers for the names
1873 was the death of the oldest identifiable tombs at the cemetery
WE had to pass by an old cemetery to get to the big tree...
Mighty-looking tree with short trunk and big branches...probably more than a century old
A BIG tree that we visited at the start of spring...
Spinach seedlings same age as the onions below (we planted 1 row)
Onion seedlings less than a week after planting...
Our garden patch at the right side of the field...(at this time it has only onions and spinach starting to the next few days we are going to plant the potatoes)
Seedlings I prepared with Mom's help, consisting of pansies, foxgloves, shasta daisies, plus tomatillos and jalapeƱo peppers.
Naturally spherical bundle of stems at the periphery of my flower garden...looks like someone trimmed it to look like a ball of leaves...
Another group of tiny flowers [old rose mixed with violets (?) ]
Tiny white flowers spreading on Mom's lawn, quite invasive...
Bluins (?) according to my husband's friend (upon his description)
These are clusters of tiny wild flowers that tend to spread. I dug this out of the field.
Dandelions in bloom...
Tulips from another perspective...

My Tulips 1

Tulips in my garden

Mom's Flowers 3

I don't know what flowers these are...the plant is a shrub, and petals are like those of multilayered petals of gumamela...

Mom's Daffodils

Daffodils from an ant's perspective...

(note: these flowers are in bloom for only a short time...having the means to capture them in camera for pleasure viewing anytime is great! If you want to copy these photos to include them in your screen saver, feel free to do so. )
The same flower below with a different inner color of its petals... They look pretty enough to be in any wedding if you ask me!

Mom's flowers 1

This spring there have been a lot of flowerplants at Mom's that have started to bloom. (In my own garden, it's only tulips that has.)

This is one of the beautiful flowers Mom has.