Monday, January 31, 2005

"Naked" Trees in the Forest

During winter when the forests are naked, it's easy to see through the woods. From my garage I can see my in-law's house. It is actually nearer through the woods than on the road. Posted by Hello


watson said...

Hello Manang! I remember when I was a kid in Baguio. We used to collect dried twigs in the woods near our house. I love the smell of pine trees and dried hay. You are very lucky to live so close to Mother Nature.

Vicky said...

Hello Manang- just lurking- very nice house and garden. pleased to meet you- I am also a Manang like you- I am from Baguio but now residing in Australia. 'Gidday and more power to you.

Manang said...

Hi Vicky!

Nice to meet you, too!

Thanks to the more power, but bloggin takes so much time! I want to blog so much about so many things, but not enough time to do it with all the work, family duties, chores, and miscellaneous things (need to get driver's license; need to pass NCLEX within 90 days) to do!