Wednesday, January 19, 2005

quite blurry, but this is one photo which clearly shows the 6 sides of a snowflake. There was once an American forumer who sounded so skeptical with my reply to his question about a Filipina's first experience of winter, to which I replied that I had fun seeing the individual snowflakes actually having those 6 sides! However, one has to catch them on a dark background during the initial downpour. Sometimes snow are not fluffy but clumped, so that such individual snowflakes are not evidently hexagonal in shape. Previous to experiencing snow I thought I had to use the microscope to see it, but I was wrong. Each snowflake was clearly visible to the naked eye, about 2-3 millimeters in size. However, sometimes the snow are just formed while the drizzle is falling and the air temperature exceeds freezing, converting the water droplets into ice crystals much like fine dust - no shape... Posted by Hello

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