Monday, July 12, 2004

The veggies in my garden now are getting big...These are 3 rows of potatoes...

A row of tomatoes (see some green fruits?)

10 plants of brocolli (I already harvested the heads and some lateral florets. Patrick likes them very much.)

A short row of cucumbers (on the right) and 3 rows of sweet corn...The kids helped me weed the garden this morning!

These are 4 tomatillo plants with lots of flowers already (tomatillos are a variety of tomatoes used in making salsa).

2 rows of onions. (I use some leaves for flavoring dips and dressings, esp. patis and vinegar, also in soups and arroz caldo.)

Andy peppers (already with BIG fruits -- good for pickling). I also have some jalapeƱo ones.

Beets (green leaves will be ready for harvesting probably by next week). I will have to leave some widely spaced apart for the tuber to grow some more.

I have two half-rows of carrots. I just thinned them hence you ca see the excess plants lying around (kakahinayang! but I had to do that to help the carrots have enough space for growth.

And this is a bunch of wild grapes at a corner of the vegetable garden. Dad said these grapes are not good for eating, but very very good for jams. Posted by Hello

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