Monday, May 31, 2004

Planting Potatoes

Today we worked on the vegetable garden. I called Mom early this morning to ask her how to do it (should I plant it the same way I did with the onions?). She said it would be easier to show than to tell the instructions on the phone, but that she just had to attend to her laundry. During that time, I went out to start with my flower garden. The kids helped me.

Finally Mom came and instead of just showing me how to plant potatoes, she started tilling the land with the backhoe, touching the areas nearest the planted onions and spinach. She said I should deter the weeds from establishing their roots at least every two weeks.

Later Dad also came and rotatilled the aread where we would plant the potatoes becauce the soild had gotten so hard (Mom said it was like granite!). The kids all helped in picking up rocks. Mom and I picked up lossened grass and weeds to throw them away into the field. Posted by Hello

Mom saw a big nightcrawler and asked Juliana to pick it up and set it at a corner of the garden to avoid crushing it with the rotatiller. Posted by Hello

Then we planted the potatoes. The seeds should be planted deep (about 5 inches from topsoil) and about 1 foot apart from one another (Dad said so they would produce big tubers). Patrick also tried to do it. It's nice to have my in-laws teaching me about their ways AND teaching my kids as well...Adult models are critical in a child's formation of his/her values, and I certainly can't be the lone model especially for the boys. Like what Mom said, it takes at least two to do the parenting, a female and a male, to be the role models in the normal development of an individual. And I agree...

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